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Hello ladies,
thanks so much for stopping by.
Here is the list to the products I used in my Smokey Purple Look,
and a picture I took showing you the end result.
Thanks so much for stopping by!

The list of products I used in the tutorial: “Smokey Purple”

Face: Mary Kay Foundation

Powder: Mineralize Skin Finish (Medium)

Bronzer: All Over Face (Bronze Booster)

Blush: The Color Work Shop (Palette) [Berry Color]

Highlight: The Color Work Shop (Palette) [Light Pink]

Lipstick: The Color Work Shop (Palette) [Two Nude Colors Mix Together]

Eye Primer: UDPP

Brow Bone Highlight: NYX Jumbo Pencil [Milk]

Eye shadow’s Used: The Color Work Shop, Elf, Wet & Wild, & Hard Candy

Purple Liner: Love My 2 In 1 Glitter Sick

Mascara: Of Course [Lash Blast!]


FYI: To get better view of the photo's ALWAYS click on it.
It should got to full mode =]



x0x: Quick Up Date / Nail Of The Day

Hello mi beautiful readers,
it's been so long since I've updated this blog.
I've been horrible to it!
But I'm back,
rushing a little bit since I have a long weekend head of me.
I wanted to update you all here in what's going on this weekend for me,
and of course a talk in to my nail of the day.
Let's jump right in to it before I keep rambling about nothing important.
I have to work this weekend which sucks,
but at least I get to help my sister in law with her 5 year old birthday party.
It's not going to be huge party, but there is family coming in from Queens.
There's a lot of kids in our family so I am sure the house is going to be filled with kids yelling, crying, running everywhere as well.
But my sister in law and I were doing some planning yesterday,
today she and her husband went to buy the things.
Tomorrow I get to help here early in the morning.
We are also having a BBQ so hopefully the weather works with us.
I have to work the night shift,
so at least I get the whole day to enjoy the party.
Although I am a bit bummed out since I can't drink,
but I'm not too sure anyways if I can be drinking at this time.
That's besides the point.
Ok, so enough of that.
Hopefully you didn't mind the random update in to my life.
Here is now the "NAIL OF THE DAY".


Now I LOVE this color of orange.
It's not neon orange but still bright,
I would totally rock this color even through Fall.
This is a wonderful way to bring some color to your outfit in the Fall / Winter season.
It goes on a little streaky to me,
and also it doesn't go on even.
For you to get that true color where is a perfect color all around you will need to do at least 2-3 coats.
Although remember I am VERY OCD when it comes to certain things.
LIKE: My Nails.
I HATE when they have chips in them or the color is not as vibrant as I want it to be.
So just keep that in mind....
I paint my nails every other day.
That's how obsessed I am with my nails.
My husband always makes fun of me.
But all in all this is a hot color.
For any season....
And Essie nail polishes are one of my favorite nail polish brands out there.
 I find the VERY cheap on Ebay.
So I really think you girls should check them out.
Thanks for reading,
stay on the look out for more personal blog post soon!
Las Quiero*`

x0x: Quickie Update

Hello everyone,
it's been a crazy time for me.
My personal life has gotten in the way of things.
I feel like I'm slacking off,
but I promise you this week will be different.
With Summer we have been so busy doing stuff,
but I hope I can get back on track.
As you guys might know I'm on a diet,
today is officially two weeks since I've started.
I didn't weight myself when I
I do not have a limit I want to lose.
That might sound weird,
but it's true.
I want to feel healthy again,
and when I fit into the jean size I feel comfortable I'll know I'm doing the right thing.
I started my diet first for myself,
feel healthy.
But second of all to be healthy to try again with Cris.
Since Cris and I got married all we ever wanted was the fruit of our love,
to become one.
A little baby crying,
running all over the house driving us crazy. lol
But after 1 miscarriage,
and 2 that died at 5 weeks.
It has been a hardship,
and I just hope by this time next year we will be giving our family & friends good news.
so moving on.
Cris is already sleeping,
and I'm on here trying to update you guys.
I am also on eBay bidding on some Jade jewelry.
I won a Jade Sliver necklace,
now I have 5 minutes to see if I won a Jade ring.
I'm obessed with my Soap Oprah's,
and if you your spanish you must of heard the novela "El Clon".
I cannot wait to get my necklace & find out if I won the ring.
But that's a little inside to my world.

I have to get going,
hopefully pay my item through pay pal,
and get some sleep.
Thank you for reading into my life.
And until next time,
mi gente.
Los quiero mucho,
Hello mi gente.
I chose to do this blog post for those out there that have short nails.
But want your nails to appear longer.
The tip is to do a "FRENCH TIP".
First off,
do a base coat so your nails can be primed prior to painting.
paint your nails with a light wash.
I picked out this color from "L'oreal Paris" called ( 160 Innocence ).
It's the PERFECT color to achieve that look like you just went to the salon & got your nails done by a professional.
Then the next trick is,
when your ready to do your "FRENCH TIP" do the line pretty thick.
The thickness of the line will make your nails appear longer.
Make sure to make the tip straight & don't forget a top coat.
I really love the Seche Vite coat,
but once it gets half way done it starts getting gloppy.
And you no longer get use of the product.
But the best top coat I am using currently is from Sally Hansen.
It's called "TRIPLE STRONG",
you can find it at any drugstore.
So here is a look on my "FRENCH TIP".
I thank my friend for showing me her tricks,
I've learned how to do nail designs because of her.
that's all for you guys.
Thanks for reading!


x0x: ŠËÃ G└ÅSŠ

I have no idea why I've been wearing a lot of blue lately.
But I have,
and I chose to make a tutorial with some greens & blues.
And it came out really nice.
The items used are listed in the bottom bar of my video.
Hopefully you guys enjoyed it,
now here are some pictures.
Love you all!
Thanks for watching my videos,
and dropping by here.

Nail polish & Make-up brushes?!?

Hello mi lovely readers,
here are the make-up brushes,
that I brushed on nail polish & thought they were cute looking.
It's super easy,
it takes minimal products,
and in the end,
you'll have some unique brushes.
Something YOU, will just have!
Here is a closer look,
please try it out,
you will have fun trying this out!
And here is a shout out to my friend  on here,
twitter, & every where else! lol
Thanks for subbing to my channel girl,
it means a lot!
xoxo HART U ALL xoxo

This has to be ONE of my favorite nail polish of the MOMENT.
I ADORE this color.
It's OPI Shrek collection, and it is an ogre green color!
When I first saw this collection was coming out, this green caught my eye.
It goes on a bit streaky,
you'll need at least 3 coats to get the color as vibrate as you see in the bottle.
But all that doesn't matter to me,
I love this color & to make it more fun I added a glitter polish over the top.
Here are some photos,
thanks for reading!



I'm on a ROLL!

This Father's Day wasn't anything special since my dad live in Puerto Rico.
But I was sure to send him some money & call him that day.
Of course it would of meant more if I could of spend it with him,
but it could be.
Other than that me & Cris went shopping for a new TV.
A bigger plasma,
of course we couldn't decide so we didn't get anything.
I didn't some random shopping,
nothing exciting worth mentioning.
But slowly I've been getting my order's from ebay.
I just realized that everything that I had ordered were for my nails.
So once I get my last order,
I'll be making a video on that.
I feel so happy!
Because I've been really active with my channel, twitter, & blog!
I finally have something to type about, rather than reliving the past.
So I have upload 5 videos within yesterday & today.
I feel so accomplished! haha
So while I type this I'm sitting on my bed,
and right beside me it's my favorite thing in the world,
my Coca Cola.
It's right on my night stand with it's own coaster, lol.
Hubbi is watching TV & I should really put on music.
Hold on, please!
I know haha,
so finally got in more of a mood.
I put the ipod on the docking station & jamming to songs while I share my life & thoughts with you guys.
so I spoke to mom on MSN messenger cam.
It was nice to do so,
she's my BEST friend.
I also got to film a tutorial which I took a sneak peek photo & posted on my Twitpic page.
Anyways I am blabbing TOO much,
lets get on to the pictures of my last tutorial.
I am using a new software,
still learning how to use it all.
And I forgot to add the photos in the end.
So here they are!


It's been FOREVER!

So hello mis bellas chicas!
How is everyone doing?
I really hope everyone is good,
and hasn't been missing me too much.
it's been forever since I've posted here.
I got to the point where YouTube was giving me a hard time with my videos.
Since I don't know how to change formats of videos,
I was unable to upload some videos I had recorded for my channel.
So I stopped recording them,
and also stopped worrying about my blog.
But I am sorry,
I am promising to do better next time.
While I update you all here,
I finally got to upload my MAY FAV'S.
And I feel kind of bad,
since it seems like I am always making excuses.
I am being 100% honest,
I've always been,
I WILL always be.
Checked YT and my video is LIVE!
That was truly a quickie! haha
So I am also twitting my links & other random stuff.
Recording for you guys has been loads of fun.
I truly enjoy my new hobby!
so what else is going on?
I did a small order on ebay's web site,
so that is coming up soon.
I have a video coming up soon using "Wet & Wild's Color Icon Palette"
in (GREED).
I also have a video on how to style or wear gladiator sandals.
Cris & I have been doing really great.
Our life's have done a total 360 degrees.
We have been getting to know each other more,
and we are both having more & more patience towards each other.
Which has been wonderful,
in just a couple of weeks I'll turn 24 years old,
and our anniversary is also coming up this July.
We are putting the house up for sale,
so that's something new to look forward to.
There is STILL no plans in trying to have another baby,
3 miscarriages later,
has been REALLY tough on us.
So FOR NOW we are just focusing on US.
Basically my life is calm & boring really, lol.
I'm just looking forward to what's ahead of us two.
And trusting in God he will give us both what we truly desire.
Wow, I feel like I've really vented A LOT.
But I feel much better,
I tell y'all I will always be honest in everything,
I will never hold anything back,
that's just how I am.
Enough blabbing,
hopefully you guys enjoy my new video.
More to come soon,
thanks so much for reading & for watching,
it truly means the world to me.
xoxo HART YOU ALL! oxox

Random update!

Hello everyone!
This post is an update & some random pictures of a look I will be recording/ uploading soon to my channel.
Today I took time to record multiple videos,
since this weekend I will most likely have a root canal done.
I hear it's painful,
but I am crossing my fingers I'll be ok.
So while I update you guys I am on my living room posting this while I upload a video,
and watch one of my favorite shows which is "Criminal Minds".
I haven't update twitter much,
I should really open my Tweetdeck.
Soon I need my meds,
every 6 hrs I get pain.
And every 6 hrs I need to take my meds.
I just got scared by Cris.
He came from behind me while I was so involved typing to you guys.
for those people who don't know who Cris is,
he's my husband.
We have been married for almost 2 years now.
Our anniversary is coming up,
we got married a day before my b-day.
So just in a couple months I'll be 24 years old!
I'm getting old,
and then again I'm getting WAY out of subject.
So I just updated my tweetdeck,
now I just connected my Sony Cyber Shot to my laptop to download my other videos ,
& download my pictures.
Got my pictures downloaded,
I wanted to show you guys the look I was filming today.
But my sister in law came over,
& I had to stop the recording!
I was so pissed since I was 3 minutes away from finishing my look.
So that means I'll have to film it once again.
Here are some pictures,
so you all know what is coming next!

Alright mi gente hopefully you all enjoyed the look.
Stay tuned for the tutorial of this look coming soon.
Well it's that time where my husband & the bed is calling.
I'm tired,
sleepy, & I need to take my meds.
Check out my channel there's more videos uploaded by tomorrow.
If not tomorrow I'll upload the rest.
Love you  all!



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